Prayer Principles

Nine Principles to Effective Intercessory Prayer


1.)  Cleanse your heart before God  


"If I allow iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me."        

 (Psalm 66:18)


2.)  Confess your need for the Holy Spirit's anointing.


3.)  Die to your own imaginations.  

Do not try to pray with your limited understanding,

but pray in the Spirit aligning your thoughts with the thoughts of the Holy Spirit.


4.)  Ask God to fill you with His Holy Spirit receiving it by faith.


5.)  Pray and Praise in advance for what God is going to do during your time of prayer.


6.)  Resist and rebuke the activity of the enemy.


7.)  WAIT in His presence expecting to receive the mind of Christ

in the way you are to pray your petitions.


8.)  Always have your Bible and a note pad and pen ready in order to

confirm by the Word what you have prayed.


9.)  Offer thanksgiving to God for what He has done during your time of prayer.

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"The place of agreement is the place of power."


"Our obedience is an act of faith.

Therefore, disobedience is a result of unbelief."


"Obedience to God's Word is a demonstration of the Lordship of Jesus in our lives."

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These Nine Principles Will Provide An “Avenue of Access” To The Throne of God